Our pictures

Garden theme pictures, close-ups of individual flowers, bunches and bouquets, single plants, entire gardens, parks, and landscapes–a lmost any plant, in any stage of growth, at any time you need it.

And if we don't have it, our photographers can get it.

All high-resolution images are originally stored in CMYK and RGB TIFF format in our system. According to your requirements we are able to export the pictures in a wide range of data formats, sizes and resolutions.

Standard data formats

Standard picture sizes
Picture width: 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm, 216 mm, 303 mm
Special picture sizes (e.g. XXL oversize) are available on request.

Picture resolutions
The standard resolution of our pictures is 305 dpi. We are also able to deliver pictures in resolutions of 150 dpi and 72 dpi for CD productions or the Internet.


It is important for Nova to protect the intellectual property and livelihoods of its contributors. Therefore, Nova has instructed Visual Rights Group to manage the compliance of copyright on behalf of Nova. In the event of copyright infringements, Nova and its partners reserve the right to claim damages consisting of the missed license fees, damage to the exclusivity of our images and legal costs. For more information, please consult the website of Visual Rights Group visualrightsgroup.com

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